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Cartoon 2002 by Mark Stivers.
While magazines like Punch published cartoons over the decades so oldies could poke fun at American youth and their ‘weird’ culture, US cartoonist Mark Stivers used his witty writing skills combined with his Pop Art influences (and many other styles) to deliver pop culture cartoons well above the standards of the older magazines.

We all know the key cultural moment in psychedelic culture?

Yes that’s right: when Agent 99 accidentally awoke millions of peacefully asleep teenage hormones with her disturbing dancing to the Sacred Cows in Get Smart episode The Groovy Guru.

The Sacred Cows sang and said it all:
“Don’t just stand there being placid/Get into some psychopathic acid
I’ll take you to a place that’s purple and paisley/There’s no problem everybody is crazy
Come on get rid of your frustration/Get into our hate generation
If you are ready……”

In Australia, as noted in our Australian Psychedelic Music podcast, we had The Easybeats doing psych, The Masters Apprentices even more so, a monumentally mind-blowing Dave Miller hit, and in recent years one of the world’s truly greatest psychedelia practitioners ever.

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