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James Hackett won the ARIA Award for his artwork for the self-titled album Dissociatives by Daniel Johns and Paul Mac.
Not just happy with the album artwork ARIA Hackett also took out the prize for best video. If you’re emotionally strong enough to look at of the disturbing mental imagery of what goes on inside the brains of Dissociative musicians then put on your cans, push the start button on YouTube – but have an early settler first lest your eyes pop out of your head.

Before the world went ‘doof’ and the worldwide explosion of EDM there was synth pop.

In Australia in the ‘80s, every second band suddenly had a Yamaha DX7 keyboard, a sequencer, a ‘keytar’ or a Roland drum machine. When good songwriters figured how to work the new technologies and mix it into the blender with good song writing and artful underground imagery then huge success often followed – leaving us fans with some of the most memorable pop hits of Australian music.

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