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Illustration by Guy Peellaert from Rock Dreams 1973.
While using a distinctly photo realist technique the Belgian artist was also heavily influenced by Pop and Psychedelia. His best-known work was his exaggerated hyper realist and often dark, dirty illustrations for the book Rock Dreams, with just as famous words written by renowned journalist Nik Cohn.

Whether we swam between the flags or rode the wild surf from sunrise to sunset, there’s always a style of surf music for everybody who loves Australia’s beach culture.

In this podcast Rod and Hugh note the various origins and very cool sounds that made many of us feel like it should be summer all year round. For many it still is. 

Australian Surf Music features The Denvermen, The Atlantics, Tamam Shud, Tully, Richard Clapton (is God), and the sweetest voice of the surf generation G Wayne Thomas – and many more surfin’ surprises.

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