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Radio Birdman Blitzkrieg poster by Warwick Gilbert.
As well as being a key member of the band, the Birdman’s bass player Warwick Gilbert was a graphic artist and animator who now regularly exhibits his work and plucks his excellent bass lines with several post punk revival bands.

Bigger than any Sherbet v Skyhooks feud of the ‘70s was The Saints from Brisbane v Radio Birdman from Sydney. Who was the thrashiest, nastiest punk band in Australia? Maybe the title eventually went south to the fearfully confronting Nick Cave and his Boys Next Door.

Further back, our music history spat out the Missing Links and The Loved Ones – two bands that were from a well off-centre 1960s pre-punk mould.

Many of the record buying public finally appreciated the later offerings of 80s New Wave bands who opened the door to harder edged pop – as opposed to the berserk pogoing chaotics of the late 70s punk machine gunners. It was so loud, so crowded, so dangerous, and so much fun was never had again by so many middle class punks and punkettes.

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